Mutt fix -- metoo unset but not working


While using mutt you reply to a message using "global reply" and you notice your email address is included in the To: or Cc: of the headers. You have two options if you want to stop or disable this behavier.

Option 1: In the .muttrc file make sure the metoo directive is unset:

# Do not include my email in the reply
  unset metoo

If you find that the metoo directive _is_ unset, but your email address is still included in the To: or Cc: then you need to make sure mutt knows what your current email address is. This problem is common on OpenBSD installs of mutt from package or source form.

Option 2: In the .muttrc file set the "alternates" directive to your current email:

# Our email address (fix for global reply metoo)
## Mutt v1.4


## Mutt v1.5

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